Journal Articles

Below you will find the journal articles assigned for ED422.  Unless noted, the assigned article is required and must be formatted properly (see Cougar Courses for detailed instructions).  The journal article assignment is broken up into two separate assignments for grading.  There will be a journal article 1-5 as well as a journal article 6-10 in Cougar Courses.  Journals 5 & 10 are extra credit.

Journal 1:  List 100 things that make you happy.  As with every journal, the title of the post is the word 'Journal' followed by the number of the assigned journal.  In this case:  Journal 1.  The content of the post will be a numerical list of 100 things that make you happy.  Ensure that you number the list.  While this may seem a bit silly, I think you might want to refer to the list later in the class when you are feeling overwhelmed with the work ;-)

Journal 2: "Join the Flock," by Hadley Ferguson & "Enhance Your Twitter Experience," by Shannon McClintock Miller from Learning and Leading with Technology,  June/July 2010. (ensure you cite both articles in your post.  Each article can contain one question w/Answer).

Journal 3: "Students Dig up Dirt to Learn About Internet Safety" by Jesse Morehouse from Learning and Leading with Technology,  September/October 2011.

Journal 4: "It's In the Bag," by James Basham, Ernest Perry, and Helen Meyer  from Learning and Leading with Technology,  September/October 2011.

Journal 5: (Extra Credit) Choose an article from the Sept/Oct issue of  Learning and Leading with Technology,  Sept/Oct 2011 that has not already been covered.

Journal 6: Let's get familiar with Google+  For this journal, you will read two blog posts on Google+, One, "Google+ The Complete Guide," by Ben Parr and "Educators – Google Plus is for You," by Chris Brogan  For these posts, I want to to write in the same way you did journal 2 – each blog post is cited as a web page and you only need one question per article.  The body of the post can be more about the features while the question might revolve around whether or not you agree it is a viable option for teachers.

Journal 7: My PLN - this journal entry will be your PLN assignment.  See instructions on the pages tab.

Journal 8:  Adaptive Technology (see the instructions to the Adaptive Technology assignment.  This assignment will be modified for the Fall 11 semester)

Journal 9: "Reading Redefined for a Transmedia Universe," by Annette Lamb in the November 2011 Issue of L&L

Journal 10:  pick an article from the  2011 issue of L&L